DVD-CEV WatchWord New Testament (10 DVD)

WatchWord ServExpress The WatchWORD Bible New Testament (2012) - New Library Book-Style Case - holds 10 DVDs containing the entire Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the New Testament. Previous packaging includes a 12 and 15 DVD sets, but this new repackaged version (10 DVDs) helps reduce the price to the consumer, yet has the exact same content. The WatchWORD (Watch WORD) Bible is the Easiest Way To Read The Bible! The ease and joy of reading God's Word with The WatchWORD Bible is truly amazing. The innovative new video format uses modern-day technology to make reading effortless. The beautiful video scenes engage and hold your attention. And the large easy-to-read Bible text comes on and off the screen in perfect harmony with the narration. It couldn't be any easier to read. Also, the Contemporary English Version is perfect for The WatchWORD Bible because it's the only version translated to be easily understood when read aloud. The CEV simplifies difficult Bible terms and long complex sentences, while remaining faithful to the meaning of the original text. It's everyday English. Hectic schedules often make it hard to slow down and read the Bible. Now, easily watch the Bible in the midst of your busy day. The convenient, short chapters can be watched anytime . . . while dressing . . . during exercise . . . meals . . . chores . . . family time . . . or resting at the end of a long day. All these remarkable qualities make The WatchWORD Bible New Testament the most incredible, captivating Bible you'll ever read! You'll want to watch it over and over again! You'll find it's difficult to watch just a little . . . you just want to keep going. Many Are Raving About The WatchWORD Bible: "Bravo! A magnificent job!" -- Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE "A wonderful achievement!" -- Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ "This is one of the best tools I've found in 35 years of ministry!" - Dr. Boyd
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